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The papers will be published in the conference compendium and the best papers will be selected for full submission to special issues in the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation and Road Materials and Pavement Design

Please submit your short paper, in PDF format with the proposed template via submission form. The short paper is eight (8) pages maximum including the references using the provided template. The peer reviewed papers will be published in the conference compendium unless the authors prefer not to. Details on the compendium coming soon.

Download Short paper Template

Thematic Area

→ Accelerated pavement testing

→ Advanced Pavement Materials and Technologies

→ Effect of environmental changes on materials properties

→ In-situ property evaluation using non-destructive techniques

→ Instrumentation and monitoring of asphalt pavements

→ Interaction of the material with the environment during production, construction, use and demolition

→ Life cycle analysis (LCA) in asphalt pavements

→ Numerical modeling of materials and pavement structures

→ Pavement Management System

→ Pavement roughness and friction measurement

→ Pavement sustainability

→ Performance testing and performance - based specifications

→ Perpetual pavements

→ Recycling and Use of marginal materials in asphalt

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